The Dangers of Hard Water in the Halifax Regional Municipality

A water softener from Evolution Water is the solution to the scale, staining, appliance damage and dry skin caused by hard water. Hard water is much more than a minor nuisance. Scale accumulating on your hot water heater drastically reduces its ability to heat the water, resulting in higher energy costs. The lifespan of water using appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers is also reduced. Hard water interferes with the ability to produce suds making it difficult to properly clean clothes. In the shower, hard water dries skin and hair. Water softeners are easy to install, easy to maintain and save time and money in any household.

Tannin Water System

Just some of the benefits of water softeners are:

● Softer, smoother skin

● Silkier, shiner and more manageable hair

● Better tasting food and beverages

● Sparkling and spotless dishes and glasses

● Better performing and longer lasting appliances

● 21% to 29% energy savings heating your water

● Whiter, brighter and cleaner clothes

● 50% to 75% savings on soap and detergents

● Longer lasting plumbing

● Peace of mind knowing you’re helping to protect your environment

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AquaMaster - High Efficiency and Super Capacity Water Softeners

Autotrol Water Softener

The Autotrol water softener line is the better quality line of water softeners available today. Autotrol is a product made by GE Water and Process Technologies. Suitable for both home and office use, this product has a time clock and demand generated system option. While Autotrol water softener model number 255/742 has a valve that offers time clock systems, the Autotrol water softener model number 255/760 is based on regeneration on demand.

Time Clock Unit

The time clock system allows the user to have total control over the regeneration process. Based on your consumption, you determine when your softener will regenerate.

Metered Unit

With the metered unit, the Autotrol water softener determines when to regenerate your water. This is done by the built in microprocessor that is installed in all softeners. The microprocessor monitors and stores your water usage on a memory chip and then analyses the data. The data is used to determine when the most efficient time to regenerate the water. This metered process saves water and salt because your water softener will only regenerate when necessary.

Which Autotrol water softener would you choose?

You need to know your water hardness level. If your water is very hard, then the metered system is best for you because based on the hardness level, the Autotrol microprocessor will determine the best time to regenerate. If your water's hardness level is low, then the time clock system is best for you.

Another major factor to include is the frequency of water usage. Do you use the same amount of water weekly? If that is the case, then choose the time clock water softener so you know exactly how much water you will use. If your water consumption is inconsistent, then the metered Autotrol water softener will better fit your needs. This way, the microprocessor will analyze your water usage and regenerate accordingly, saving time, money, water and salt.

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