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Find UV Lamp Replacment Parts for Your Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Replacement Parts

We carry a full range of ultraviolet replacement lamps,

quartz sleeves and ballasts.

Recycle your lamp at: Dan-X Recycling


Sterilight Ultraviolet Sterilizer

S463RL – Replacement UV lamp for S5Q-PA

S810RL – Replacement UV lamp for S8Q-PA

S36RL – Replacement UV lamp for S12Q-PA

S200RL-HO - Replacement UV lamp for VH200

QS-463 – Quartz Sleeve for S5Q-PA

QS-810 – Quartz Sleeve for S8Q-PA

QS-012 – Quartz Sleeve for S12Q-PA

QS-001 - Quartz Sleeve for VH200


3M Ultraviolet Sterilizer 3MUV-8

UVb-1 UV Bulb Replacement

UVQS-1 Quartz Sleeve Replacement

UVBLST-1 UV Power Source Replacement


UV Dynamics Ultraviolet Sterilizer

400152 – Replacement UV Lamp for UVD320, UVD320E

400151 - Quartz Sleeve for UV Dynamics System


Trojan Ultraviolet Sterilizer

602805 – Replacement UV Lamp for C, C4, D/Plus Series 1HS12-D4

602804 – Replacement UV Lamp for B, B4

602731 – Replacement Quartz Sleeve for B, B4

602732 - Replacement Quartz Sleeve for Models C/Plus, C4/Plus, D/Plus, D4/Plus


Warning when you handle your ultraviolet lamp
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