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A Water Treatment System in Halifax

Staff who help with our water treatment system in Halifax

Evolution Water is your source for water testing and treatment systems throughout the Halifax and the surrounding communities. About 46 percent of Nova Scotia’s residents get their water from their own wells. The Department of Environment and Labour, in consultation with the Department of Health, urges all residents to test their private well water at least twice a year. For people on private wells, the only way to make sure your water is bacteria-free and safe is to test it regularly. Just because you cannot see it, taste it or smell it - it doesn't mean it isn't there. Our services include:


  • On-site testing & collection

  • Chilled transportation to the laboratory for certified results

  • Reporting and recommendations

  • Checking existing water treatment equipment to ensure it is working efficiently

  • Performing tune-ups on current water systems

 Water systems are available for removing a variety of harmful contaminants, including:




Do you need a  water treatment system in Halifax ? You can depend on Evolution Water! We are proud to use such trusted industry brands as:


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