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Get a Quotation for Your Water System

Have you already done a water test on your system? At Evolution Water, we can give you a free quotation for your water system issue – just fill out the following form with the results from your water test. One of our staff members will get back to you soon to give you a quotation and schedule your appointment. If you have any questions, just give us a call .



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Hardness in GPG or mg/L:

Iron in mg/L or ug/L:

Manganese in mg/L or ug/L:

PH in u:

Odour (rotten egg, metallic or other):

Colour (yellow, orange or other):

Arsenic in ug/L:

Uranium in ug/L:

Coliform bacteria:

E. coli:

Aluminum in ug/L:

Lead in ug/L:


Total dissolved solids in mb/L/ppm:

Sulphate in ug/L:

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