Acid Filters & Neutralizers: Solutions for High Levels of Copper

Acid Water

Does your home have…

…acid stains?

…blue-green stains on your fixtures?

You may have high levels of copper in your water.

Signs of High Copper Water Problems

• Metallic tasting water

• Blue-green stains on your fixtures

• Colour variations in your hair tones, especially blondes

• Corrosion of aluminum surfaces

This "one tank" filter system will raise the pH value of your water to decrease its acidity—acidity can cause corrosion to metal components of a water system. One common symptom of acidic water is the presence of green or blue-green staining when copper pipes are being "eaten up"! The neutralizer tank contains a bed of material—usually calcite, a trade name for a finely ground grade of marble—which raises the water's pH value. As water passes through this bed of material, the acid is neutralized and a small amount of the bed material is dissolved. As a result, the water becomes more alkaline (the pH value goes up) and it becomes less acidic and less corrosive. This acid neutralizer system has NO filter, NO pump, and uses NO harmful chemicals. It automatically backwashes to loosen the material and clean the bed. From time to time—usually once a year—additional bed material/calcite must be added.

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